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We are the superheroes that bring prosperity and opportunity to anyone who enters our world. We provide everything you need to make connections, find opportunities and create wealth anywhere in the world.

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What We Do

We are the next generation business search engine bringing together global user and company information


We connect people

We provide the ultimate platform to enable people to globally connect and create business wealth.

We bring the best opportunities

We facilitate access to information nationally and globally creating economic opportunity.

We promote business

We provide services that expand the opportunities to venture in to new markets

We offer deals

We market, promote and advertise your deals bringing customers to your website.


Our mission is to facilitate access to information for the entire world and in every country using a shared philosophy to create economic opportunity and prosperity for people under one platform.


Our vision is a connected, united, free world where people that prosper help those in need through our platform.

What is

Allmightytrader is the first peer-to-peer global business, trade, marketing and search platform based on the sharing economy. We at allmightytrader.com are an Internet intermediary bringing together users and information. Operating a neutral marketplace where buyer, seller and consumer can operate under one platform. Providing users with live, inspiring content, access to the world's knowledge and information with a positive impact on global prosperity for our customer.

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Consumer satisfaction plays an important role within our business. It is the leading indicator to measure consumer loyalty and to identify consumer wants and desires.
1. We treat our consumer like they are our boss.
2. We focus on measuring consumer satisfaction.
3. We build loyalty to increase customer satisfaction.
4. We create great price value opportunities.
5. We deliver value and benefits that surpasses consumer expectations.

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Benefits and advantages of being listed:
1. Businesses can update, display deals, promote, advertise, be accessed nationally and globally.
2. Grow new business opportunities whilst expanding your business for generating a high level of awareness.
3. We will help you to build global alliances and JV partners in every country we enter.
4. We help companies grow, expand and consolidate to meet emerging opportunities.
5. We provide new business opportunities, delivering innovative marketing, brand identity and advertising.

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1. Bloggers promote our services and other business enterprises.
2. Bloggers can become recruiters appointing agents on our behalf.
3. Bloggers can promote deals, offerings, opportunities, events.
4. Bloggers can blog anywhere he feels he will receive more response on his blog.

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Reseller is a person or company who represents allmightytrader.com selling our services to his clients
1. Reseller registers and applies to become an reseller in the territory and country of choice.
2. Reseller agrees to the terms and conditions abiding by the rules and regulations of the company’s policy.
3. Reseller sells our services to their clients and also provide feedback to enable us to better help them grow.
4. Reseller will have his dashboard to monitor sales, commissions, marketing campaigns etc.
5. Reseller would be paid on any sales generated by them or by their sub agents.

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Simply put, affiliate programs, also called associate programs, are arrangements in which an online merchant Web site pays affiliate Web sites a commission to send them traffic. These affiliate Web sites post links to the merchant site and are paid according to a particular agreement. This agreement is usually based on the number of people the affiliate sends to the merchant's site, or the number of people they send who buy something or perform some other action.

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Allmighty is about
connection, customer focus and integrity

Share your knowledge and help others



Number of Countries
Increasing constantly


Number of Bloggers
Increasing constantly


Number of active Deals
Increasing constantly


Number of Agents
Increasing constantly

Our strength can add to your commercial success

1. Global presence
2. 14,019,042 million business listings
3. Agent representation
4. Global deal offerings


Transforming your business in a changing world

We do the work for you. We help you to save and make money by providing customer solution and supply chains and benefits using strategic planning and support of your needs to expand and grow your enterprise.

Your Benefits

Grow with us.
Reach potential customers.
Become an affiliate or reseller.


We guarantee support.
Direct access.
Quality leads.


Registered Companies around the World
Increasing constantly

We facilitate access to information for the entire world using a shared philosophy to create economic opportunity and prosperity for people under one platform.



Business Management









Sarah Wells

Accounts Manager


Laura Parker

Sales Coordinator


Donald Caldwell

Chief Operating Officer


Phil McCracken

System Administrator


George Turner

Marketing Advertising Manager


Jonathan Law

Senior Customer Service Manager

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Allmightytrader helps me to reach more customers globally
Kevin PaigeCEO - Westfarmers
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- Member can become affiliates free of charge.

- 30% off any marketing or advertising campaigns.

- Trusted Verified member status.

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