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1. Plan/Research on a Topic

Through research and planning you will define emerging opportunities and innovative valuable ideas.

2. Write an awesome Blog & Publish

Understanding and strategic research based on related knowledge of content will produce productive outcome.

3. Share with Others

Share your content on other outlets. The more places you promote the wider the message will spread.

4. Track your Earning

Track your income and history on your dashboard which allows you to track your business dealings and finances.


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1. Blogger referring a company/business which purchases one or many of our services, will be paid 15% commission on the full payment made by that referred customer.

2. Bloggers bringing in 1-20 agent signups, will receive a $100 for each sign up after the reseller has made the first sale. Blogger recruiting 20 or more agents, will receive $150 for each sign up after the first sale has been made by the reseller.

3. When the blogger brings affiliate company to join with us in our affiliate program, he will receive 12 months ongoing commission of 10% of whichever fee Allmightytrader receives from the affiliate customer pertaining to the bloggers affiliate code.

4. If the blogger brings funders, joint venture partner or investor capital into the project, he will be paid 5% commission of whatever money invested. (Conditions apply)

5. If one of your clients with the unique referral code wins the deal competition, you will receive $2000 over and above the prize money.


15% commission on the full payment made by that referred customer


10% of whichever fee Allmightytrader receives from the affiliate customer


5% commission of whatever money invested


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fun day


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enjoy your passion


Building Networks


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Blogger can sell our services by offering a coupon code 20% discount and be rewarded a 15% commission on the remaining net figure earned after the 20% discount has been taken out.

Bloggers can promote our affiliate/reseller program writing blogs to promote our services and generate traffic.

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For people who know what they want

A blogger can introduce other revenue streams, benefits, or can come up with their own ideas for mutual benefit which will entitled them to receive a commission on that revenue service, product or idea.

A 20% profit sharing of revenue will be paid for 6 months to the successful approved idea. (Conditions apply)


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Bloggers will be given exclusive rights to represent Allmighty services for a period of SIX months which can be extended with mutual agreement.

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Referal Code

Prior to starting the exclusive marketing campaign, the promoters, bloggers will need to register and be given a unique referral code which will be passed on to their clients for tracking their activities.

The bloggers and the other promoters will receive commissions on any of their referred company's transactions, sales made by them or any other referral transaction using the unique ID number referral code.

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1. Love what you do.
2. Freedom to do what you want.
3. Make good choices.
4. Go global, not local.
5. Believe in yourself.

Explore the Possibilities

1. Aim high.
2. Strive for the impossible.
3. Make failure a learning curve.
4. Believe in your ability to succeed.
5. Be a visionary.

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