We Focus on the future

Our success will become your success. Be brave, be innovative never give up, join us and grow your future.

We Move Forward

Have strength, courage, and confidence with every experience. Think outside the box and embrace opportunity if you have an idea and want success.

We Make a difference

You must do the thing you think you cannot do." Think outside the box” start the journey from your “idea” to building a successful enterprise.

We Build Value focused on the user

With you and our team of professionals, our aim is to build a prosperous future for us all. Optimistic and inspired we dream of a better world for everyone, we can do it working together.

Invest and Partner with us

We welcome and encourage: partners, bringing expertise, capital, infrastructure and services to our corporation for mutual benefit from whichever country you reside in.


Joint Venture partners

A commercial enterprise undertaken jointly by two or more parties which otherwise retain their distinct identities, collaborating to bring in mutual and rewarding benefits to both parties.

Private Equity partners

1. Your investment will be used for market growth, development and expansion, which will impact on performance and investment returns.
2. No factors such as world economic activity will influence our growth or upward market trend.


1. All investments involve risks. Stock prices fluctuate, sometimes rapidly and dramatically, due to factors affecting individual companies, particular industries based on general market conditions.
2. We at Allmighty believe that our future earnings and value will grow rapidly due to the increase in demand of our global services, our national and global reach, low overheads and market strategies.

Global and Country Partners

1. Our objective is to take on Country Partnership aimed to make our global-driven model more country systematic.
2. Evidence-based on successful implementation, selective, and focused on mutual collaboration in that country, increases and builds shared prosperity for both parties. Enquire now.

Consultants / brokers / agents / affiliates

We welcome and pursue innovative and driven professionals in each country to join us in our quest to engage and help build a mutual future enterprise in your country. Join Us.

Accountants, Lawyers, Business or financial analysts in any country presence

We recognize the importance of having a highly most professional teams / partners, delivering the very best services and value to our clients ensuring on going support, growth and results.


Our story

Allmightytrader is the first peer-to-peer global business, trade, Deals, marketing and search platform, based on the sharing economy. Andy Malouf is the founded chairman and CEO. Responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy for the company



The Allmighty is an online deals and marketing search engine building value, benefiting business and consumer alike - allowing millions of people every day to access the best prices/deals and source opportunities making a real impact on people’s lives through our robust diversity whilst bringing the world closer together.



The Allmighty list millions of global companies, displaying their lowest prices on their product and services bringing benefits to business and consumer alike. Connecting business communities to develop a more affordable future for the consumer they serve, making the world a more affordable and better place to live.



We have built a highly sophisticated integrated technology platform, housing a data source of tens of millions of companies in 160 countries in 70 languages that can become our affiliate partners sharing the same philosophy through focusing on the future needs of the people we serve.


Our culture

The allmighty celebrates how, our users, customers, inspire us with our associated business partners who support and work with us, helping us discover new solutions and create new business opportunities in the changing world.


Overall direction

Is to support, take care of and bring about opportunities to people, by uniting a business world of discount offerings for consumers.