Reseller is a person who represents and partners with
Allmightytrader promoting and selling our services, creating
opportunities and bringing in deals. They build relationship with
their clients/companies/businesses selling advertising and
marketing campaigns.

Reseller in a Nutshell

Allmightytrader representative working in his field of expertise building alliances and strategic partnership


Resellers would be a business or self employed individual working on a commission basis.

Refer clients

Resellers would sell our services to their clients and also provide feedback.


Reseller would have their own dashboard to monitor sales, commissions, marketing campaigns.


Reseller would be paid on any sales generated by them or by their sub agents.

Terms and Conditions

Resellers must agree to the terms and conditions and abiding by the rules and regulations.


Resellers need to register and apply to become an affiliate reseller for Allmightytrader.

Any further information regarding % comission terms & conditions
will be provided in your dashboard.

Reseller Steps


Become a global reseller and earn 15% commission on your sales. Recruit other resellers under your company ID and receive a additional 5% of all their sales.


We will give you your own unique referral code to track your clients purchases.


You will be given valuable rewards and ultimates benefits for your service.


We will help you to grow your business to bring you financial opportunities.


Introduce your own revenue streams & become a partner.


The ultimate freedom to work at your leisure.


Help you to promote your clients business and generate traffic by having them display their best deals.


For all further information, relating to you commission based structure and value incentives please sign up and go to your dashboard.